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Where to fly around Oxfordshire/Northants.

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Hi, I’m new to the sport and currently doing my training with SkySchool.  Already love it and on the verge of buying a full set up but having spoken to several local farmers, establishing somewhere to fly from is proving fruitless. Does anyone fly in the Bicester, Oxford or Banbury area? Enstone Airfield is a no as is Bicester Aerodrome (for now). Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have had a good result asking at local club/establishments, in my case a golf club.

The lady on the enquiry desk was a local and knew of a possible field and also recommended getting in touch with a local stable owner. It seemed counter intuitive to be speaking with someone that provides services for horses, that are a problem to avoid normally, but it turned out he had a suitable field.

You need to ask anyone you can think of that that could have local knowledge of land and land owners.

Good luck.

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