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ITV Billy question


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I am currently flying a ITV Billy XS my all up weight is 120kg  and i have so far 48 flights under my belt,It's got 2d stering and was told that i should only use tip steering when trimming out since it is a reflex wing. Is this correct? i cannot find this information in the manual. I have so far only flown straight when untrimmed and used weight shift to correct my heading because the tip brakes lines get so high on my high hangpoint machine it is very uncomfortable to reach out and grab them to make a turn. I rarely fly untrimmed but i want to make sure i am safe when i do.



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Generally yes, only use the tip steer when trimmed out as use of the brakes nullifies the reflex action. I have looked through the manual and find it surprising that it is not mentioned.

I am assuming you can still reach the brakes OK when trimmed out? If not you need to lower the brake handle attachment point for safety (through the bottom pulley) which will entail lengthening the brake line to compensate.

It's a pity the tip steer line comes from near the top of the brake handle, other 2D steering (Dudek) has a separate toggle that is very easy to reach.

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hang on gents, he said it has "2D Steering". this means that the outer tip steering lines are not run through any pulleys and are connected direct to the brake toggle. Its only the mains that run through pulleys. when you are flying in full reflex mode, 2d steering setup in the way its shown in the ITV Billy manual is going to use both main and tip steering lines at the same time...so it doesnt matter in reflex what you do. 

My understanding is that in reflex gliders often the main problem is in using full trimmers + full speedbar + jaming on a heap of brake + turbulence. That is usually the time when a frontal is likely. The solution is to simply not to use both full bar and full trimmers at the same time.

High hang point machine...all your wing brake lines, including tip steering, should all be lengthened by at least 100mm (i run even longer on my own units). On the Billy, you need to lengthen by about 150mm to get through lower pulley. 

Dont try to fly a high hang point unit without lengthening ALL brake lines, its EXTREMELY dangerous to not do this as you will end up stalling your wing.


Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 6.43.19 am.png

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thanks for the clarification, right now the brakes are on the top pulley so nothing was  adjusted other than when it was initially received by my instructor ( they were a bit too tight) .


So if i understand correctly if i want to put them on the lower pulley i need to lengthen them by 150mm. But again where will i stow my brakes?


it would be more comfortable to lower them on my high hang point machine but not absolutely necessary

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