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Engine outs


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Had 3 flights today...only one was planned. Engine out after under 1 minute, managed to land out, just made it to flat ground, literally just managed to skim over a hillock. Next flight 2 minutes, then had to land on the beach, which was relaxing compared to the first one. I am disabled and can only walk a short distance.....so I was thinking about having to call help! After second out I managed to track the issue to a simple one. My winter clothing was managing to turn the on switch off. These are a few photos of the journey...
First pic when engine quit, next 3 the nearly rough landing.
Next one engine fail again, a little higher, but over the rough ground again, so head for the beach. Zero wind landing and you can see in the photo a foot drag, then 8 steps to run it off.
Then some photos form flight 3.
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Well done on good control Andy, can't be particularly easy for you.

Can be surprising what can cause an out, or switch off in this case. On a previous motor I had a very light action kill switch, I took off from a slightly muddy side of a grass runway with a bit of mud on the throttle. Shuffling around in the harness to get more comfortable at height I unknowingly caught the kill switch and the mud held it down. Only found out once landed.

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Yes, fantastic area. 6 miles south are the 550 meter near sheer drop cliffs at Saltburn. Flat fields of crops at the top and you can literally just fly over the edge. I have also managed to soar for half an hour on the top of the cliffs with engine off. :)


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