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Buying a paramotor based on Vittorazi Atom 80 - is that a good kit?


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Hi, I'm about to buy my first paramotor kit, the Vittorazi Atom 80 and I'm about to pick it up next week.

This is Atom 80 MY20, which I can confirm by the new Walbro WG8 carburetor which is new to MY20 compared to MY19. Other than that it comes with an aluminium single ring cage, Dudek PowerSeat Comfort harness, gooseneck bars (pipes, not the alu profiles) with bearings, 15 liter fuel tank (overkill for this engine but I have no choice at the moment) and the stock Helix props.

What do you think I should take a closer look at when buying it? I've seen it live, engine seems to be new (however the exhaust pipe seems to be sliiiighly scorched, i.e it isn't clear silver but goes yellowish - the manufacturer says he was running it for the second time in his backyard.

The total kit weighs 21kg with fuel tank empty. The price is approx. 85% of the average retail prices in my country, it's manufacture by a small production facility but I have it close to where I live so service shall not be an issue.

What do you think? What to look at, what to check when buying? What equipment I should get along with the kit (any appliances/additions/tools that come bundled with the engine?).






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That engine and harness are both well regarded, so I'd say (not an expert here) you can't go wrong with those. I can't say anything about the frame, because I know nothing about details such as the thrust line etc. The one thing that bothers me (a little and without evidence) is the gap behind the pilot's head, but you could close that up yourself with a bit of line if you wished, so not a big deal. Otherwise sounds good to me (repeat: non-expert).

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