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First flight since 6th March

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Yeeeaaahhh. Was waiting for the wind to be low in the area, that was this morning.

Dragged my sorry ass out of bed early and took off at 6:45, had a smooth 1 hour 42 minute flight, was going to make it longer but I was getting quite cold.

I double checked all the kit yesterday in preparation, the worst bit of kit was my boots that still had the Bore Chaser mud on them. Before and after:


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Got a second post-lockdown flight tonight.

First one was yesterday, a 2.75 hour XC covering 75 miles.

Contacted the farmer today for another, he said yes but wanted to close the gates and for me to be off the field at 9.... It was a bit gusty here all day and what with the high temps, baking sun and taking off an hour or so earlier (to be back by 8:40) i thought i was going to be in for a jolty first couple of hours but it was actually very smooth for almost the whole flight once above about 1500` - even over the large forested areas i have to fly over.

Wind wasn`t low enough for a classic XC - about 8/9 mph aloft - but still managed just over 20mph into wind and covered 70 miles.

Slow out, fast back..



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14 hours ago, chrsfrwll said:

You know that feeling when you're snug under the covers and it's too early to get up? That. 🛌

Looks like an evening flight is out too - still gusting strongly here.

I certainly do. I really struggled to get up yesterday ,but I hadn't flown since February 6th so was determined to get airborne. Pete & I managed about 30mins each. We were both pleased that there were no issues, but then the wind picked up late morning and that was that for us. But we are both chuffed we did it. Pity the wind didn't drop enough for your evening jaunt.Hope to see you soon Chris.

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1 hour ago, Viking1000 said:

I certainly do. I really struggled to get up yesterday

Since being furloughed for the last 7 or so weeks i`ve been getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning whether i`ve got something to do or not.

I`m in my fifties and haven`t got much time left - i don`t want to waste it!

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