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Trial scheme launched - prepay Corona fines

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I’ve had an email from my local council announcing a trial scheme which allows Hampshire residents to pre-pay Corona fines. Has anyone else received the same??

This is actually quite a smart idea, raises money for the local council and allows those with the financial means to enjoy a bit more freedom but essentially, should mean Hampshire PPG pilots can fill their boots (at a cost)!

 They’re launching the website next week where you can pre-pay before going out and they’ve published a price list which ranges from £20 for a non essential drive and walk (up to 45 mins from home) to £1500 for a party with up to 15 guests.

I’ve emailed the council to ask if they can specifically add paramotor flights and GA flights to the price list and given the solitary nature of PPG, suggested that it should be the same as a dog walk (ie £20) per flight.

Will keep you posted!


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On 01/04/2020 at 23:44, andy4115 said:

Definitely a prank, the fines are £60 for ANY first breach, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days, and each subsequent fine will automatically double.

Oh really! The govt is looking to crack down on offenders it seems. Staying inside seems to be the best option now anyways.
~Sanjeev Nanda

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