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  1. Oh is it! Sorry my bad. The thing is, I was busy being mesmerized by the absolutely amazing UI of the Mipfly. I've been using a couple of mobile apps, and although they are good, they are essentially 'near accurate'. The Mipfly looks good, no doubt. If its Linux OS is as strong, then this is one product to be reckoned with. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  2. Now that is a beauty, isn't it? i I would love to have a whirl at it sometime in the near future. I am also concerned that the features provided by the mipfly, would be effortlessly emulated by any random phone out there. Nevertheless, a great product to know about. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  3. Get ready to be blown away! Sorry, bad joke! A real no-go there, really! Best stay at home for the month I would say. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  4. Hey, just tried Easy VFR for free, really great I must say. It works even without the Virtual Realism capabilities.I really don't care about VR so much, so it's ok. Good job on the recommend for this one. Installed it on my iPAD however. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  5. Dudek is a really good name brand to start off with. As you said, your tyke has had a couple hours of experience on it. I guess with the right bit of scaffolding, there should be no problem. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  6. Op, If you could, post a picture with specifications please. It'll help a lot.
  7. Lmao Great to hear that! I must say, however, the entire field of Nav Apps needs to be tweaked a little. While there are some really good "free" apps on the App Store, they pale in comparison to the paid ones. However, the paid ones are good, but don't offer satisfactory features. it's a really paltry toss-up in my opinion. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  8. I have used an Apple iPad for Nav purposes before (note: it was for an ATR), and it worked amazingly. I highly doubt that an android based device can offer the same ease of use that an Apple iPad can. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  9. I don't think AXA will cease to cover non-UK/ non-EU complainants either way. I have a lapsed insurance and as such (effectively) have no insurance to speak of. Does it make sense renewing it, especially when the entire country is reeling under the covid pandemic? ~Sanjeev Nanda
  10. Garmin is #1 for a reason. I would say that Garmin is really upping the ante steadily. However, I do believe they're slacking off on innovation lately. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  11. Oh really! The govt is looking to crack down on offenders it seems. Staying inside seems to be the best option now anyways. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  12. thanks for the review man, really helps. I was looking to score one, and found a bunch online. However, I'm crossed to really find a decent offer as yet. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  13. Healthcare professionals have it the worst right now. A lot of them aren't even facilitated with decent safety equipment. I can't confirm or deny, but news about a couple of paramedics in London were affected by Covid this past week. I hope nobody everybody stays safe, given the stress all of us are in. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  14. This is amusingly confusing. Why were they asking pre-payment of fines lmao? I haven't received a letter of this sort lately. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  15. Capitol Flying Aca. in Bristol. I guess they had to shut off operations due to lack of funds. ~Sanjeev Nanda
  16. I would like to study the theory of it all. My flying is only limited to infrequent hobby flying. What I learned about Paramotoring, I learned from my uncle. I plan to get to this literature, as soon as this coronavirus pandemic has weathered.
  17. The people are really stretching their luck nowadays. I don't blame them - a lot of the global leaders are not doing taking this pandemic seriously, why should one expect of civilians to do the same? the coronavirus count for UK has exceeded 10000+ reported I guess. Boris Johnson had said in his address that a lockdown, if implemented, could last a long time.
  18. Even I saw a drone around my area, thought some idiot was bored out his mind, and started a new hobby. These testing drones are present to detect any spike in heat and can detect pathogens though UV testing. Covid-19 is real, people. Stay safe, and stay inside!
  19. Hey OP, I suggest not flying for some time. I would say it's just because of the Coronavirus (covid-19) going around, but the weather has suddenly become unstable - winds are abound, and a sudden drop in global pollution levels is making the climate act weird, to say the least. I'm surprised nevertheless that your flying school is open as of today.
  20. There is considerable government assistance being given to the poorest, by the countries of the world during this coronavirus pandemic. The unorganized sectors however, remain outside the purview of relief till now. The UK has promised salaried employees on the payroll before the 28th of February 2020, 80% of their paycheck in grants (w.r.t. the ICAEW ruling). Everyone else is still left dry.
  21. The weather is exceptionally favorable for flying today, but I must restrain myself from flying. As I said before, my flying club has suspended any further activities, so everything has come to a standstill. I can help myself however, from sympathizing with the unorganized sector (shout-out to Kim, my flying instructor, who is also a freelancer as well). The government is yet to acknowledge them, as well as the MSME sector, which comprises about 72% of all jobs. The greater good is that we as humans, help each other during these times, and understand why these things must not be taken lightly.
  22. This forum section was empty and everyone over the globe is facing this outbreak all the same. Flying activities in my area have been suspended under a strict lockdown. How is everyone else faring across the world? Things have gone from bad to worse, I hope everybody will remain safe and inside. Good Luck!
  23. Sweet! Looked at it for a minute, before realizing that the clouds across two altitudes, are in fact running opposite to each other. I suggest speeding this video up 2X more for the desired educational effect. Good job though, mate!
  24. I have seen these clouds while flying once. I googled them immediately after getting back. You seem to be on the money over here, Casper. Thumbs Up!
  25. Can you post recent pics, Simon? And do you ship overseas?
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