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So, I tried ground handling today...

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I bought an old cheap wing of ebay a few months ago to get a taste of ground handling and decided to get it out today as conditions were nice, turned out the lines were tangled and spent quite a while sorting it out. Most of the lines were the same colour which didn't help. thought I had them sorted out and I lifted the wing up, and it twisted round and came back down into itself again. Unclipped and straightened the wing out again, went to clip in and the lines were tangled again!!! Spent most of the day fighting tangles, ended up pulling it all up into a ball and threw it into the spare room. This has really put me off what seems like a fun sport, is lines getting tangled a problem for most of you or is it just cause i'm a complete noob?

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I hope so, I think if the lines were different colours it might have helped, but they all the same with exception of one or two that have been replaced at some point. I think the riser may have fallen through the lines as I was straightening the wing out, are there any techniques for untangling or just patience?

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