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Casualty simulation first aid course for Paramotor pilots

admin (Simon W)

First aid course (with a difference)   

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Please don't vote yes if you just want me / you to feel good... I need a semi accurate number to make this work. 

I have attended a number of 'Cas Sim or Casualty Simulation' first aid courses while in the ARMY and have been waiting for YEARS to find the right person to run the course for us lot :)

I have found an Ex SBS battlefield first aid instructor more than willing to scare the poo out of us!. ALL certificates are available but I need a feel for interest V cost V qualification before putting a plan together (hope that makes sense) 

It will obviously cost money at a guess, it will be between £50 and £100 squids. 

The main reason (for me) in doing a Cas Sim course, is that it will massively help you to stay cool when the poo hits the fan! Its' all well and good talking about it in a class room, but when someones body is pumping blood into your face from there neck it kind of takes your mind away from the class room and many people can not perform basic first aid even when taught. 

Again, please only say yes if you mean it, I will try to arrange dates around everyone who says yes. 

If you have not been on a proper Cas Sim course before, I guarantee you will love it!!!  

SW :D 

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Simon, great idea. Can't imagine anything worse than knowing you can save a life and not knowing what to do!

Dedicated day at Membury would be great, or there is a great village hall in Aldbourne (v.close to Membury) that would be ideal.

Let me know if you need any help setting it up.

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