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Another Newbie from the west of scotland - looking for training

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Hello all,

Another one from the west of Scotland (Oban) looking to get in to Paramotor early next year after wanting to do it for 10+ years I have told my self "just do it". Just stating to look at training and and logistics given my location as you know trainers few and far between in Scotland.

I have plenty of family around Doncaster so that could be an option to spend a few weeks down there and travel back and forth if there are any local trainers that are recommended, or i could travel further south although times i could travel down may be more limited (my job is pretty flammable and can usual take time off at late notice). Does any one have any suggestions? or the best way to do this given the distance? (want train in the UK rather than go abroad)

Trying to get a bit of a head start one of my good friends who is local to me taught paragliding in Portugal and now just fly's XC for fun,  they have been taking me out to get me used to ground handling and kiteing a wing, Ant hing else i could do to help me hit the ground running so to speak?

Thanks all in advance every one


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Hey there! I've resigned myself to pretty much having to go south for this also unless I do the paragliding course with cloudbusters and then go south for the rest, either way I will be having to find somewhere and an Airbnb for a week and pray to the gods for good weather lol. Hope to eventually meet others from up here :)

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Hi Razzy, nice to meet some more people on the west coast and close to me. I had seen your post a few days ago. I’m 100% committed to having to go south ( drive to Doncaster once a month to visit family and isle of white a few times a year to visit the mother-in-law so distance isn’t to bad a thing). I know there is some one in Scunthorpe close to my family in Doncaster although would travel further south if needed dependant on reviews, probably take the tent and pick a camp site near by if not close to Doncaster. When you looking to start your training? Could possibly double up. Trying to get as much ground stuff as I can in with my buddy who is local. He used to train paragliding in Portugal and just glides for fun now doing cross country. Had a few days out kiting with him and getting the hang of ground control, hopefully if the wind and weather stays good going to get out this weekend and possibly get some soaring on the local sand dunes. 

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Aye...its a beautiful place, the West of Scotland but I'm beginning to think  that I should have taken up dominoes instead! June and July have been dire weather wise... -I'm just 2 hours from Oban.   A couple of months ago I was at an event for work in Oban and staying at the Royal hotel. In the evening, whilst my colleagues had gone to a pizza place to talk work, I went out to Ganavan sands beach with my wing and did some ground handling. The wind was perfect for a while and the wing just sat solidly overhead but the wind died off eventually... Lunan Bay over on the East coast is really good too -big sand dunes you can free fly off and a huge sandy beach...

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