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  1. Have enjoyed reading your adventure. Can't wait untill I can finally do it myself!
  2. I'm hoping to start around this time next year but honestly can't commit to nearer the time due to financial restrictions for the next year
  3. Hey there! I've resigned myself to pretty much having to go south for this also unless I do the paragliding course with cloudbusters and then go south for the rest, either way I will be having to find somewhere and an Airbnb for a week and pray to the gods for good weather lol. Hope to eventually meet others from up here
  4. I meant to ask in last post sorry. I've seen his website (not much on it unforunately) but since it's minimum on it, does he supply everything to learn or is it a bring all your own stuff as I'v seen some social media stuff where it's bring your own gear and others it's he has supplied things so not entirely sure and since I'm not ready to go try it I haven't contacted him lol so just curious. I 100% plan to!
  5. Thank you for all the advice/tips. I won't be buying any equipement till after I've done training other than the plan to buy an old wing and harness to practise with and under no acount will try to fly with it lol. I will 100% take you up on meeting up with you at somepoint just to see if all in person of what you do and talk some shite
  6. Yeah been looking at him and a couple of other guys so have been taking alot of notes I think myself fit enough to be able to footlaunch currently as I have two kids under 5 and a Great Dane x German Shep that require good walks but I still want/need the beef off! I have thought about grabbing a cheap old wing and harness for practising and to be honest I think i will
  7. First off, Hello everyone! I'm from the West of Scotland and looking to start training next year after loosing some of the lard :D. After watchin alot of youtube videos on heavier flyers I know I could start doing it now but I have decided to shed the weight to help myself and to help in getting kit once I have finally done my training. Any recommendations for training? Happy to hit north of England also for it. Thanks everyone!
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