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Newbie from Jersey (not New Jersey, the original one)

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Hello all,

Just a quick hello from an aviation enthusiast, who really wants to get into PPG, however, I have a pretty major hurdle in that I live within Class D airspace, and getting off the Island with any regularity is VERY expensive.

I've written to local ATC to see what the possibilities would be of any kind of permit/exemption etc to allow me to get airborne (post training obviously), but curious if a) there are any other pilots from the Channel Islands in here and b) if anyone else flys within Class D (or other restricted airspace) and what arrangements/extra gear etc they had to go through to get permission.

I have a pretty good relationship with ATC, as I'm a former professional drone pilot (BNUC-S, CAA permit) so I'm hopeful they may find a way to accommodate my madness.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi :) 



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I contacted ATC 2017 whilst on holiday on the Island in attempt to get permission to fly, the answer was if I was successful in getting permission I would be the first person to fly a Paramotor on Jersey. 

I had the opinion they like Paragliding maybe not powered.  

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I used to work on Jethou (between Guernsey and Herm (ish))… one of the best jobs I ever had and believe it or not, I binned that job to learn to fly.
It wasn't a terrible move as I got 15 years of obsessive playtime (free-flight) and now I bimble around on a paramotor.
I will assume it very unlikely you would move (I was young and demented back then) so good luck on the getting permission.

I think Guernsey have a club and special (very restrictive) permissions if my memory serves so you may be in with a chance but I'm guessing you will be pinned to -500ft and confined to specific arias.
Herm used to have a couple of guys flying hang-glider's back in the day apparently (god know how)
Nice smooth sea air though :)

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29 minutes ago, Balders said:

isn't really what I'm looking to get in to

I know what you mean 100%
I wouldn't wright it off though, when I came up north, I bought a paramotor and wing out of the Loot (Classified add rag)... taught myself to fly (don't roast me, I know... very bad idea) and I fell for free-flight... I didn't get into paramotoring despite thinking it would be the dogs-bollocks.
I flew it occasionally then sold it.
Took me 20 years to get another and now I cant be arsed with free-flight... I have to say though, free-flight would be a bit shit if you only had 500ft compared to paramotoring at 500ft or less.

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12 hours ago, mrbell1984 said:

If you look at the flight paths of commercial planes they come from all directions so I'm actually not surprised they say no to Paramotors little bit different to Paragliders as these Paramotors climb so high which could be directly in a flight path of a plane. 

They fly low over that Island I know that since it's so small.  I visited ST Brelades bay beach and ST Helier in 2016 and it was gorgeous!

Absolutely correct, but there are a great number of private pilots and small planes, flying circuits around the Island for pleasure etc all under VFR, so I'm kinda hoping to go along those lines with ATC.  I'll be honest, I'm expecting it to be a "no" but still holding out hope, and doing lots of reading and research in the mean time.

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