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  1. Another tragic event from two paragliders (paramotor I believe). Their bodies were found the morning they had been due to get married . A COUPLE in Brazil have died together in a paragliding accident on the eve of their wedding. Heart breaking video taken by the pair shows them waving, smiling and pulling faces at the camera just before the tragedy. So sad. Investigations are on the way to find out the cause. Speculation is the clips somewhere give way. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9734219/bride-groom-paragliding-accident/
  2. Damn this has just made my day! Them engines are amazing! Look at the workmanship goes into them builds with precision.
  3. Thanks for the read, something such a simple concept yet so big to manufacture and design. 😀
  4. After reading this training blog Dan must be an absolute pro by now! If this doesn't want to make anyone go through training I don't know what else there would be. Absolutely fantastic photos from day 1 and a pleasure to read word by word!
  5. Thanks for heads up on spam post :) 

    1. mrbell1984


      No problem Simon, looked a bit dodgy surprised nobody reported it before me.

  6. @MartynR there are a lot of fields in the North East and plenty clear airways to fly just not many ParaMotor hobbiests. If you do get one and you feel really comfortable to fly one give me a shout and maybe you can show me a bit more and have a crack on about it more. If there are more people in the North East willing to meet somewhere while the weather is good then that would be a bonus before winter sets in up here!
  7. Don't ask, don't get - At least you are asking the question. A lot of people might assume it's fine to do such things. Safety first.
  8. If you look at the flight paths of commercial planes they come from all directions so I'm actually not surprised they say no to Paramotors little bit different to Paragliders as these Paramotors climb so high which could be directly in a flight path of a plane. They fly low over that Island I know that since it's so small. I visited ST Brelades bay beach and ST Helier in 2016 and it was gorgeous!
  9. Hi Vin, Thanks for the kind words. I have been to Barnard Castle it's not that far from me. I'll be researching for a while I think!
  10. Fractured Neck Fractured Back Lacerated Spleen Bumps and Bruises and Totaled Equipment This fall looks scary and dangerous and was this preventable? Money down the drain! Is there insurance for such accidents yet so that your equipment can be renewed or is it normally a full out right purchase of the broken parts? This isn't good! At least he is OK though from the fall, didn't even look like it was a high fall either! OMG!
  11. It's all down to money at the end of the day. If there was North East trainers / flyers I would rather do it locally to start with unless the cost of flights and a little mini holiday was cheaper all together than what the UK is offering. I just been out for a bike ride near me where there's some very large green grass cut fields and the weather is amazing today here for a flight! Won't be long for the decisions to come to light!
  12. Can someone point me in the right direction for a training center/trainers please closest to me. DH5 is my area as it stands. Upon completion of a a valid course would the attendee get a certificate or something to say that you have been through the training? Thanks
  13. My Aunty used to live in Jersey only moved back to the UK last year and I have been on that island for a week holiday. I saw a few paragliders there but not paramotors! These are the current paragliding start sites - http://www.thewisemonkey.net/paragliding_info.php Not much help from this post but I don't think I saw a paramotor over there when I was over. Jersey would be an absolute amazing day on their coast lines!
  14. I do course Fishing as well and can spend if not spend the same amount of money in the last 5 years, not to mention the cost in IT/Technology as well! Spent a fortune the last couple years! That's good news that running costs are low at least! 😀
  15. Hi Andy, thanks for the quick reply. Even so it looks pretty clear down the coast of Sunderland/Peterlee and Hartleepool way. For the last couple weeks I have been tracking flights overhead and it doesn't look like anything is in the coast area frequently so it does look pretty clear. I would never go into the airport restriction space they are a little out the way of my area, there is still couple miles fly zones with a few green field space. Thanks for the update! I don't have any equipment and currently have 0 hours flying so I am currently putting together information on where to start. This is a very expensive hobby lol! I have noticed that someone flew on Hartlepool coast and even added photos in this thread below looks amazing! and I actually think it was you Andy! oh man that looks amazing!
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