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Solar panels


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Yes, they are not something that is fun to go over, especially low down. There were thousands of large birds on hand showing where the big thermals were and I was fighting for stability the whole time. At one point I went from under 200 feet to over 1100 with my engine at idle!!!!

I think this solar farm might be one of the largest in Europe. It is 3 miles across.


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Working on every flyable day for the last 4 years in between two 'small ish' solar farms I have concluded, they are only bumpy on the days when it's bumpy if that makes sense. lol 

So for a school, it's not a big issue here as we tend not to fly when it's thermic. 

Lift, yes... bumps..... not so much so. 

That said, the one you are over is about 10-15 x the size of ours! lol 



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