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Hello everyone.


I have been flying microlights for a while and wish to take up paramotoring due to the flexibility of putting it in the car and also due to the lack of medical as I do have a condition that could in future be troublesome on the medical.


I plan to learn with sky school, would you guys recommend this training provider?


With regard to equipment what is a rough start up price range for all the equipment I would need, Id prefer new or nearly new kit. 


Also, as paramotors don't have a G reg, is it possible to have radio coms with atc e.g. LARS or to contact an airfield as I do have the appropriate license.


Thank you all and have a good new year. Is anyone else around East Anglia?  


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As far as the radio goes yes. Make up a callsign and precede it with 'Paramotor' then wait for the pause as that is digested, 😁

I have a French registration so always use that. You will need to reduce revs to give intelligible transmision so you have to account for height loss when transmitting. 

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