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Cold weather flying


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23 hours ago, Hann__ said:

It`ll be our turn down here in the south all weekend

Not much fun until after 1730 ish tonight.  100% dark clouds.

TO in complete nil wind and cam back in 8 mph bumpy air - very weird for Davidstow, and the wind was coming from the coast!!

Better tomorrow we hope :-)


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I plan on getting to the field early - about 11 - taking off for my first flight at 12, land about 2:30 - 3, have a warm-up then have another cheeky 1-2 hour bimble before dusk.

Hopefully the air will be smooth and any thermals will be weak.

If it doesn`t go to plan i`ll have a snooze in the sun and take off later!



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...and Lo! There was flight, and my body was released from the grip of the firmament
By an almighty and irrepressible force
And i was able to soar, and i saw, many a wondrous vista that was laid out before me
My gaze resting upon the earth as if from the heavens
Verily, i transcended to a higher state of being, alive, and in realization of what achievement this is
And then, it was to be, as it can only be, to the terra-firma once more reunited

And on this occasion thusly, not once but twice: genuflect, with limbs out-stretched
Because i fecked up me landings and fell over  - no fluffed landings for nearly 2 years then two in one day!

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i edited it
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I spent two hours above the clouds this afternoon and it was awesome - bright and sunny, warm, and mega-smooth air at 3000`+.

Below the fluffy stuff though was a different matter - lumpy, cold, grey and moody.

I`ve noticed that phenomenon twice on recent flights - warmer at higher altitudes than lower down - noticeably so.





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