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My lesson learned

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Got my trike in the air on Friday. After a couple of failed launches, I shortened my a-assists by putting 4 knots in them, but I never rechecked the length. Only 4 small knots eh! Nil wind take-off with no drama until about 50 feet off the deck. Realised I was having difficulty getting altitude. A-assists really tight and I could not get them off. About 200 feet tried two more times to release them. With difficulty gained a bit more height and tried turning, but wing not reacting until I put big brake in and even then it was a struggle.  All the time I was rolling side to side as the wing was trying to fly, but was fighting the a-assists. I was expecting a frontal collapse at any moment. Eventually let off the power, swung back then forward, assists went slack and I frantically un-clipped them. What I should have done then was to do a circuit to clear my head, but no. Came in to land and did the classic no-no. A low altitude power on to miss a bush and then power completely off. I slammed into the deck bending both back axles and buckling the front fork. I’m okay apart from a few bruises and loads of bent metal. Won’t do that again. My lesson learned? Always check your gear twice after any adjustments no matter how small.


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