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Ozone Roadster 3


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Last week I placed and order for my first wing, an Ozone Roadster 2. I was informed that the Roadster 3 was imminently going to be released and did I want a 3 instead? Thinking that a 3 should be better than a 2 and the resale would be better I hastily agreed before seeing any product details. I now have a slight dose of Buyer anxiety as I have come to the realisation that I am buying a wing without seeing a single review.

Ozone now has the details online


As far as I can tell the major differences are as follows

"The Roadster 3 features a new internal structure designed to increases the strength and longevity of the sail without adding weight. Further changes have been made to the twist of the wing and overall line lengths to improve roll stability and dampen the effects of engine torque, whilst improving the overall handling."

"Improved top speed", (cannot find any speed data, am I missing something?)

The warning about using the wing for Acro has been removed

Do you think that that it is a wise choice to go for a Roadster3 without seeing any reviews?

Any chance that Ozone would have screwed this up?

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I have the R2. I often fly (well used to before back surgery!) in turbulent conditions and the I have to hold both brakes at about 1 or 2 to dampen the roll that sets in otherwise. Can make for tiring flying. So improved roll stab would be good.  

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Hi Steve,

I've got 100 hours on my R2 and I love it to bits.  I'm often flying in thermic conditions when my chums are on the ground saying that it is too lumpy for them.  Yes, when needing to fly actively in really dynamic conditions, it can roll a little but nothing you can't handle with a little bit of active brake control (depending on the size of your cajones/comfort budget).  I get great fuel economy on XC trips too.

If you aren't won over on your R3 then get in touch - we can meet and you can test fly my R2 and we can do a part exchange after I've given my wing a service and Loft assessment just to give you peace of mind.

PM if you want to take this further but I suspect you will be fine once you have flown it a couple of times (more is the pity...).  Just as long as you haven't ordered gopping colours!



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I was strongly considering the Roadster 2 (or Spyder). I didn't even know a R3 was coming, but now that it is, it sounds absolutely wonderful. I may end up going with the R3 if they don't have a Spyder 2 between now and when I get my motor. It's gonna be either or. 

But typically, yeah, I prefer going with the current gen over older gen for most things.

Can't wait to hear how you like it. 

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On 25/07/2018 at 06:56, Mark Morgan said:

Ozone Roadster 3 Available to order now with us.. 


Check out our website for some Amazing deals

What's the price difference between the standard colors vs custom colors? I'm trying to decide if I want to just pick one of the ones offered or create my own color scheme.

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55 minutes ago, noddyc said:

Yust did a flight with a demo Roadster 3 at Fly Spain  on a 30 km flight. Handeling to me felt very good ,more positive  than on my Roadster 2  . I love it so mutch that I ordered one when we got back on the ground.

Thanks noddyc. 

Can you please explain what you mean by the handling is more positive than the 2. Are you foot launch or trike? 

What size are your Roadsters? 

Did you see any difference in the lift and glide between your 2 and the 3?

I'm seriously considering purchasing a 3.

Did you find any unwanted roll with the 3?

Thanks again 

Poncho Lee

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I ( lost a bit weight) ,was using a top 80, total weight was over 20 kg lighter than normal and foot launched .

I am used to fly the roadster 2  28 and tested the roadster 3 26 . 

No wind take off suprise me with the wing comming up a lot easier  than I expected and over flew me front tuck  and I killed it , I reset   ,you have to use quite a bit of brake to slow it down and take off with. Climb out was a lot faster than what I am used to. ( I flew the 28 with the top 80 as well)

It control feels a lot tighter , turn a lot easier -like driving an old car after the whole steering  system has been replaced and upgraded

The speed with trims in or out  in reflex mode gave me around the same speeds as I am use to.

To me the lift and glide was identical ,felt the same ; with an easy positive climb  in a weak thermal.

I had no roll during my flight even when it got thermic , 

Doing some banked turns I could bank it very easy and it would come back horizontal with minimum input , to me rock solid .

It might be the changing to a smaller wing but I am happy with it's  handeling

Hope this make sense 


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Noddyc, thank you very much for your response. Definitely one of the better non-biased reviews of a wing. 

I'm not an expert pilot so I want to learn by asking a lot to questions. Do you think that because the 3-26 is smaller, it is more responsive and came up easy? Do you need to set the trim out some to prevent flyover? 

You mentioned using a lot of brake on takeoff. More than your 28? 

Also, you said it climbed out faster. Do you mean rate of climb or ground speed?

Thanks again. Happy Flying 

Poncho Lee

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I am no an expert either .

Yes you are probably right  ,it is smaller ,I had the trim set on the nill wind line , it was a red line with white lines as markers horizontal on the riser.

I did  use a lot as I was careful  not to let it happen again , I won't say more probably the same .

I kept the trim the same as I was not usually able to ge my R2 up with trimmers in - will retest that when I get my wing.

I can not stall my R2 without a wrap - used the same 1 wrap at landing and new what to expect - it did as I was used to.

My climb rate , with the small motor was faster than on the R2 again size - with my thor200  it is very fast on the R2

Wing loading /on the R2 and my old motor was about the same as the top 80 on the R3

Happy to explain 

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Guest chrisg547
12 hours ago, David125 said:

price too high... I can get brand new one for almost the same...in my favourite color

I wish you'd have told me that before i bought it.


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Guest chrisg547
15 hours ago, David125 said:

I had :)

I contacted you on facebook ;)

Just kidding !! Guess ill have to drop the price then to stay competitive.

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I decided to purchase an Ozone Roadster 3. I have had it for a few weeks and maybe 10+ flights. I am not an expert pilot but I can relay my observations so far. 

This is an incredible wing. It is very forgiving, especially on takeoff. I can make many different mistakes and it still gets me in the air. 

It does EXACTLY what I tell it to do all the time. But it seems to be very sensitive to brake input on takeoff. 

In the air, at cruise, the brakes feel a bit heavy but not overly so. The wing tip steering is marvelous and light. 

I have found a little roll while flying hands off and constant power. But it is easily fixed and settles with a little arm weight on the brakes. 

Being able to customize the position of the brake and tip steering magnets is for sure a plus. 

Very good move for me to purchase this wing. 

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