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Prop balancing


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I've just repaired a few stone dints on one of my props. To balance it I thought I would give my RC model aeroplane prop balancer a go. I turned a shaft to suit my Nitro props and it works brilliantly. Both props were out by "one small piece of tape". You can see me sticking a bit of tape on until I found the balance point.







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1 hour ago, Gregwatson said:


Is prop tape the best / only way to balance? Is it best on leading or trailing edge etc?

Where do you get the tape from?

Any tape that sticks to the surface, like fresh electrical tape onto the leading edge. Another way that many pilots use is to spray clear coat onto the tip, then wait for it to dry, then check, and spray some more, and check again until satisfied, always waiting for it to dry.

Oh, and 3M makes a special "propeller tape" btw, about twice the price of platinum or something.

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