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  1. "Electrical equipment" apparently. Anyone lost something? Greg
  2. I have also heard people say they will happily free fly in far worse conditions than they would ever attempt with a motor. But so far I haven't really heard why, other than comments like "it feels a lot less pleasant with a motor". I'd love to understand why. Personally I get quite nervous when it starts to get bumpy, and I don't see why that would feel significantly different without a motor.
  3. Ok great. I'm planning to be there same time 14:00-14:30. I'll probably bring a tarp even though they're a pain to fold up again 😕
  4. yeah. I don't mind the cold as much as the mud and the wet. Knowing that the wing will get soaked the instant it's laid out... and even if you avoid that on takeoff (eg tarmac or tarp or something) it'll just get soaked on landing instead...
  5. No higher than now though, and there's no mist today?
  6. I always play it safe. However... The Met office ballooning forecast reckons 6-10 at 14:00, that's within limits I would think (depending on what actually happens on the day)?
  7. Ooh, might be tempted. Last time I checked the forecast it was very borderline but it looks like it's improved a little.. What sot of time were you thinking?
  8. Just a reminder - Barry would like anyone who has ever flown from his field to get in touch with him so he can put together a stronger case for change of use (see thread in the Surrey forum). Apparently he's only heard back from a small handful of pilots - it would be great to support him... PS weather looks nice this afternoon...?
  9. I leave the fuel in there but I fitted a stopcock on the breather tube so it doesn't leak out https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B073XHPNKT/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Obviously it's very important you never forget to open it before you fly!
  10. Um - isn't the TAG airspace change going to make it impossible to use his field?
  11. https://members.gliding.co.uk/2018/07/11/caa-decision-on-tag-farnborough-airspace-change-proposal/
  12. As for me, I fell asleep due to getting up at stupid o'clock for a cheeky early.morning flight!
  13. Just checked the weather again, possibly a little on the gusty side?
  14. We could move it into the Surrey forum but there hasn't been much traffic in there in the past... I normally fly late, typically take off 1930 or 2000
  15. Hi Paul. No I haven't yet. Might do that now. Greg
  16. I flew from somewhere nearby last night and I found the air pretty snotty until very late (getting on for 21:00)
  17. I pack mine away and put it in the boot.
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