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Large newbie to the sport

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Hi all

My name is Tony I'm in Derbyshire I'm 37 and looking  for some advice about someone of my size getting into the sport.

6 ft tall currently weighing 139kg or 22 stone (depending on your preferred method of measurement) and I am in need of advice as to what size of motor would be best and most reliable for me.

I do know that my weight will drop over the next few months as I continue with my exercises and my normal body weight is approximately 15 to 16 stone which I should be able to achieve relatively easily now that I'm mobile again.

Any help and recommendations well be greatly appreciated and don't worry I have got plans to take up proper training with a qualified bhpa instructor but I would like to get an overall view from the people who take part in the sport first.


I would be very interested in hearing on what motor and wing setup Rob salt used when he first started as I am aware that he was also a larger pilot.

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hi, i know a paramotor pilot.. from ukppg contact Nigel as he knows from experience what he had to  do to supply a bigger pilot then yourself.  so ask ukppg Nigel davies qualified instructor.   and yes I know rob salt the gentle giant and gang.                  Rob flies a EC-Extreme with the Simonini Mini2EVO engine, and the Air-Design Tandem RIDE Wing.             


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With powerful two stroke engines like the Polini Thor 250, Cors-air Black Bull, Cisco Bull Max, Simonini Mini2EVO, Simonini 250 and Mini3 there is no problem. There is also a crazy powerful 4 stroke wankel engine from Aixro that have been trimmed to 60HP.
And also
 the upcoming two strokes Air Conception Tornado 280 and the Sky Engines 220s.

Just find your self a good deal or a secondhand unit.

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6 minutes ago, Steve said:

Might be worth leaving the new motors until the bugs have been found and ironed out. 

Just to inform, always good to know the options, and it's not always easy to find them as a beginner since there isn't a paramotor database on the Internet.

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my advise.. lets not jump the gun. get trained and while your being trained with a suitable power plant? and suitable wing..  then and only then .can you decide on the power unit and wing that you wish to choose from.  get trained.       then choose engine and wing.           after your training. if tony from derbyshire chooses an instructor the data. say e.g ukppg is already there from the instructors experience. and rob salt experience.  flying bigger engines bigger wings for there sizes.

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