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Hi, Worcester, courses? License :)

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Hi, I came acres this forum and read you can learn paramotors via BHPA or by PMc? If doing the EP and CP course is 'A LOT' more expensive - is there an alternative, and what are the costs please?

im keen to learn to paraglide with the intent to parapmotor as Malvern is the nearest place to paraglide and it would be nice to be able to just take off and land closer!

For many years I've been land kiteboarding to am confident that handling the wing would be an advantage.



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OK, I’ve done a few hours of digging around on this site and worked out that ‘Simon Westmore’ does the course to train you to a ‘pilot’ for £1080. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but the EP and CP BPHA courses are still NOT fully qualifying you to a pilot and a further course is required? This sounds good to me.

I also found, on the CAA Chart map, that I live in a big red circle that surrounds a disused airfield - this is marked as ‘X’ which I presume means I won’t be able to use this as a local spot to launch and land!… although, I have seen a local bi-plane (red Baron) practice above there many times, so am I jumping to conclusions? This does beg the question how accessible would it be for me where I live to get home one night and think - 'the weather looks perfect I might take to the air!’ I’m obviously not familiar with the CAA charts and so don’t know what the areas marked ‘A’ or ‘D’ mean and also the vast area to the left of where I live that is completely blank!.. but I wouldn’t want to get into Paramotoring and find that I will only be able to fly after driving an hour away each time. If that was the case, the extra expense for the motor etc would probably mean I’d be best going down the paragliding route?
Can I also presume that insurance is dependent on how you were instructed as they follow the syllabus that was followed by the instructor in order to insure you? 
As I currently stand, I live right in the middle between 3 places I can train - each site being exactly the same 1hr 25 minutes drive away! Shropshire, Wales and Berkshire.
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No disrespect to the guys down there. But to try and learn in the UK doing it in a week or two booking is mostly why we end up teaching people who have already done 'a course' be it in Spain or the UK. It just does not work on so many occasions. 

The glamour of having it done in two weeks is sellable but a lie in my opinion (which is why we don't sell dated courses, never have or will) It not fair on the customer who at the time has no idea that the chances of 'completing' a course in a week or two (in any country) is very very slim I would even go so far as to say it's slightly under hand to do so.  


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Thanks Andy. But mere is a bit further still.

I'm not particularly looking to get a license asap - although I think I could pick it up quickly!

So what are my options to fly by me if I get a license! Basically, is it worth trying for a licence or can you not fly when the weathers Good (if you live in a rural area like me)?

Before I get trained I need to know if it's what my restrictions are. Would. Be able to just go to a public field and take off every now and then?! I'm sure it's not as simple as that. 

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To be clear:

There is no LICENCE (only club ratings) so no legal requirement for any training at all.

Two of the clubs offer insurance approved training, they are the Paramotor Club, and the BHPA. 

Training is of course highly recommended and may save a limb or life. 

If its about the time, thats an issue.. .it takes time and commitment

If its about the money, thats less of an issue, save up and make it so. 


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Thanks Simon. No, time is not an issue at all. I'll be happy to take a day here and there over the next 6 months or so. Nor about the money- but I would hate to spend more than I need to or to put it another way, pay the same money but receive less training or skills at the end of a course.

i think I'm trying to find the answers to whether I am able make use of a paramotor pilot license around where I live or whether it would be wasted if I have to wait months on end if I am restricted by flying on certain days in certain areas away from home... if that was the case then I would just consider paragliding and occasionally go to malvern 40 minutes away.

I would plan on getting a second hand wing once I am more knowledgable about what wing is good and suitable... if this means new is best then I would buy on instalments. 

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