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  1. Is it advisable NOT to get a colder weather jacket which has a hood sewn in or does this not really matter? It'll be behind your head towards the motor towards the netting or is the motor too far to be concerned about? Or is ther really a chance it can get caught in the prop and full you in! Cheers
  2. oh yes - the ultimate shame in PPG... not to mention the danger!
  3. Interesting site! Yes, chart/charts is a good idea, thanks. Will probably need a book to learn how to read it also!
  4. As a soon to be PPG'er I've not yet purchased a motor or wing (but soon) - but I'm sure there are some small essential and not so essential 'toys/equipment' are also needed. Its my birthday next month and being new to PPG I've only committed to buying an expensive pair of waterproof boots - Can anyone suggest Items I can tell the wife and family to buy me for around the £50 mark? ie Gloves? Neck warmer thingy?
  5. Hi Sean. It’s unusual to not receive a response straight away, so may I say welcome to the forum... from a newb myself.
  6. I'm still not convinced that this has been answered! I'm just starting out (since June 2017!) and will be buying extra netting to close the gaps on my new motor. I can't see why these gaps seem to be acceptable either.
  7. interesting - thats changed how I feel about getting a Spyder now.
  8. Been looking at the Fairhaven Micro Alti. Looks good to me... anything else around that price range that does the same? Quite like the idea that I wouldn't have got to get my iphone out... but would anyway to take pics!
  9. Unless it’s the SE which came out with the iPhone 7!
  10. Unfortunately the latest iPhone SE doesn’t have the barometer. It was one of the things they cut back on. So just gps for altitude - which I was under the impression was less accurate?
  11. Thanks all. Thats a good point about draining the battery, I hadn't thought of that.
  12. Thanks Andy. Yes, looks good - and maybe after I’ve recovered from the hit from paying for the wing and motor. I’d probably aim for a wrist watch type ‘gadget’ - but was hoping to use my phone in the early hours of my flying time.
  13. Hi. Maybe a silly question but when I eventually get the opportunity to purchase my kit and start flying around, do people get by in just using their phone to inform altitude? (Currently in middle of training with PMC) I’m really asking as I was about to get the iPhone SE which DOES’NT have a barometer and so not giving an accurate altitude apparently. cheers
  14. So am I missing something - it weighed the same 19kg 13 years ago, but was just less powerful?
  15. Just watched it. So jealous of having the opportunity to fly on the second day of training.
  16. It was good watching live in Facebook this morning, looking good. Well done.
  17. I agree, my first instance was that this was fake... and while being a newbie to PPG. Its relatively easy to doctor a short clip like this.
  18. I use windguru in general but for checking for the PMC I use https://www.windguru.cz/676084 - along with some others to get an average! I use windguru purely because I find it easier to view on my phone.
  19. You've all seen this right!?
  20. Well - you seemed to be walking about normally afterwards, so thats always a good thing The clip is litterally all I got... funny how it ends with you flat on your face and looks like your not moving! Bet it was great getting up there tho, well done.
  21. It looks a lot worst than it was! Apologies for not capturing more but I need a new mobile!
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