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Signed up for training!.....taken 10yrs+!...

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Hi Folks!

Newbie here saying hello, look forward to learning more here and friendly advice!

I've been wanting to take this sport up for tens yrs or more, always said it would be the next thing from motorcycle trackdays.....not given that up but thought I shouldn't wait around any longer....I'm not getting any younger!

Already booked with Simon and hoping to start within the next couple of weeks....to say I'm excited is an understatement! :razz:


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Hi Cas,

Many thanks and good to meet up!

Hi Steve,

Great to meet you and great to get through the first days training!, thanks for help and look forward to catching up again! :)

Simon, big shout for the first days training, thanks for the use of the brand new wing!...i reckon that helped :D

See you soon guys!

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Got into the ground handling over the ideal weather days in the last few weeks since signing up...moved on through that well and happy with my practice forward and reverse launches! Great tuition from Simon and his instructors...many thanks! :D

So last Sat I got my first flight in :coptor:.....take off was without incident, forward launch in lightish wind and landing I feathered a little too hard a little too soon so went down on one knee after landing....no big drama.

Yesterday got two reverse launches in, first landing was perfect and the second a bit annoyed with myself as went down lightly on one knee again...

Great fun, great people and great instruction!.........full set up on order! :D

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