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Yay!! :-) 10-years ago!! Parajet Everest mission!

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10 years. wow. I feel older (er)

I remember calling Giro on his mobile then 'cause my parajet I was flying at time was back at the factory being repaired and they'd not got back to me.

I was moaning to him about the fact he needed to get his finger out and sort it out. 

He was apologetic, promised he'd try to hurry things up, then admitted there was a limit to what he could do, since he was in the foothills of the Himalayas ...

As excuses go, it was a pretty good one.


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That was some dedication to make an expedition like this. I definitely see this as a big milestone in paragliding/paramotor history. And I still enjoy watching the documentary now and then, thinking what's possible in this sport.

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It inspired many and still does :-)

criticisum from the minority.... of course.... net end result though, loads more people aware of the sport and learning to fly. 

Remembering that this of course was the first main stream media paramotor expedition / doco ever. 

I genuinly think that this sport would not be where it is today without this exposure.  


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