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Paramotor Training day at Membury Airfield 10th May 2017 - Takeoff and landings only in this video

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2 hours ago, kiwi k said:

Si i noticed a lot of your trainee's jump into the seat fairly quickly after take off on that video, is this something you encourage as i'm always thinking what if i need to feet down again ??:S

Some people have seen this and laughed at the fact I keep running after getting in the seat :) (non-pilots though to be honest)

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smurff its not the running part i was questioning with Si, but the fact that most of you literally took off then jumped into seats like instantly, i'm not saying its right or wrong (i'm not a trainer) but contradictory to my training, i personally do not have enough experience to know weather conditions to think, right off ground undercarriage up (bad knee's) so it would be better for me :D :wingover:

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2 minutes ago, Paul.Farmer said:

Looks like an awesome day was had by all and makes me really desperate to come and give the training course a go... :)

if your unsure Paul you could try a tandem flight, but hopefully you'll enjoy it and it'll encourage you to join us wannabe biggles :acro:

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