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Dumfries and galloway

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Good morning Neil and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-) 

The bad new is, I am fairly sure that Scotland has no 'Paramotor' instructors so you may find you have to travel either to somewhere else in the U.K. Or overseas which ever works best for you I guess. 

It's worth checking the 'members map' to connect with local pilots of which there is a reasonable gaggle :-) 

@duskdawn is someone we have taught and at least at the right end of our litttle island. :-) 

Again, welcome!! 


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Hi Neil,

Welcome to the forum. Simon is only 300 miles from you. As it's worth it I travel the 400 miles regularly. There is CloudBusters who fly near Abington. When I looked at them a few years ago they taught paragliding, then conversion to paramotoring (with your own kit) and only on flyable weekends.



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Naw I mean it man. Sell yourself.

Totally flat field

No paragliding b*shit

How many acres?

School gear refreshed and brand new last year

Airspace good

Instructor Colin is Scottish and never stops

Places to stay nearby.


Weather window is the only problem. In the summer look for big stable slow moving Highs.


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