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Exhaust question.....?


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Hi All,

Would anybody be able to offer any advice on the following: I have a Solo 210 Engine with the original box type exhaust system on it which is in need of a change.

I am struggling to get hold of any spares for this engine i.e. the standard box exhaust or the tuned exhaust. My question is - can I use an exhaust that has been made for another paramotor engine like; Vittorazi, Simonini or MInari etc. What would be the implications of doing this?

Is it just a case of manufacturing a flange adapter for the change in flange connection detail from the Solo 210 to the new Exhaust?

Any advice would be much appreciated?



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The exhaust system of a 2 stroke is very much part of the engine. The wrong exhaust can make a huge difference to power, or even make the engine impossible to start.

That said, there is a great deal in common between many of the engines used in paramotors. Many of them are derived from kart engines and many of the kart engines are essentially copied from one another. If you can find an exhaust from a similar engine (similar capacity, power, rpm) then you should be in with a good chance.

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Thanks ptwizz - Yes I think it might be best for me to just wait to find a tuned Solo 210 exhaust to save any complications.

On another note, would you happen to know if I wanted to take off the flywheel (toothed gear) from behind the prop (I think it engages with the gear from the starter motor) it it simply a case of removing the prop and the part the prop bolts too? If I done this it would mean the belt would be loose, would I need to have this put back together by an expert, I ask because I assume the belt is tensioned up to a certain level? I want to take the flywheel off as it has become rusty and i want to get it bead blasted and treated to remover the corrosion?


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