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ITV Dolpo - trim setting operations

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Hello guys,

I've recently passed the paramotor exam, obtaining the flight licence (here in Italy is required, I don't know there in England..), but still a novice.

Anyway, I'm now enjoying my first solo flights, and I've got some doubts about the exact procedure for releasing the trims during the flight on my wing, an ITV Dolpo (EN-B). Is it strictly necessary to release both the trims simultaneously, or is it possible to release one by one, in quick succession ? 

i'm asking because in the first case could be necessary to leave both the brakes..... and I've been taught that it should not be done if not strictly necessary, being a novice..

I've tried to ask the question to some guys that use to fly with me, but the answer is that depends from wing to wing.... some of them can release the trims one by one with no problems, some others, with other wings, say that if the trims are not released simultaneously the wing can spiral down....


any experience about ??


thanks in advance

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Do you have the wing manual? If so does it cover this in the manual.

I release my trimmers one at a time sometimes and the only effect is to have a slight turn induced until the second trim is released.

My wing is a Reaction but I can't imagine that releasing just one trimmer on any wing is going to cause a spiral.

Cheers, Alan

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Admittedly this is an advance wing, but around the 2 minute mark Ryan shows you what releasing one trim at a time does....as a novice I think it would be good to develop "good habits" early on.....so my advice would be get into the habit of releasing your trims together.....just my two bobs worth. 


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thanks to both fo the answer.

@alan : no, unfortunately I do not have the wing manual. And searching on the ITV website I can only find the lines diagram, no manuals.....

@rsquared : that's exactely what I'm talking about. The wing immediately starts to spiral, and only a deep traction on the brake stops the spiral.

A spiral could be a bad configuration to intervene on, for a novice..... so let's say that I'll follow rsquared's advice, and I'll go with releasing both the trims together. 

thanks again !

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There is no manual on the para2000 site :-( no manual there pretty much means there is no manual. 

Sometimes a new wing will be difficult to get the trimmer back in. This can require the use of both hands. When this happens I tend to bring them in in small stages. (So maybe a 3rd of the trim range each side each time) 

its ALWAYS better to keep the wing as symmetrical as possible :-)


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