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  1. If you have the date and time along with some form of proof, a picture or video of them flying low which identifies their wing and motor then I am sure the Civil Aviation Authority would be interested to hear about it. On the whole we try to be very respectful, but theres one or two that let the rest down.
  2. Third Party Liability for single-seated, motorised hang-gliders and paragliders, valid worldwide (except USA, US territories and Canada), competition risks included € 1.500.000 loss liability (without prior damage to property) € 12.000 Emergency rescue costs resulting from accidents with the glider insured (personal rescue only) € 2.600 or € 10.000 depending on which premium you choose.
  3. Hi Andy, I know how you feel, I too have experienced death of a friend in the sport first hand, I know the importance of good training. I won't go into detail about Brad's training syllabus and techniques as we have discussed this before, I think you should meet him before you make assumptions from a collective of comments from other people. People pass their driving test and wrap their car round a tree, this does not make it the instructors fault. I am with AXA 3rd party cover, there are no checks. Rich.
  4. AndyB, do you have something personal against Brad? You seem to shoot him or anyone down that mentions him? I myself am trained by Brad. I feel my training was very good. I am also insured.
  5. Hi weegaz22, welcome to the sport. I would not bother with PG, there are some things in PG that are taught differently with PPG so I would learn the PPG way so you do not get mixed knowledge. One example in PG you are taught to lean forward on launch, leaning forward in PPG could cause injury and/or damage to gear. You are going to have to visit your PPG trainer multiple times until he feels you are ready to be signed-off. I trained in Scunthorpe with Brad Quinn around 2 and a half hours from me. I booked a few days in one go, stayed in a hotel and then revisited for a while until he and I were comfortable that I could fly on my own. Rich
  6. Hi Rafal, You may struggle around Manchester due to class D airpace from ground up to 3500ft unless you go north.
  7. Well done Rich, cheers for the pint, keep it up
  8. Hi Been flying for just over a year now, absolutely love it. Started to find the paramotor youtubers a little boring now, but I have got quite into watching some paragliders like Andre Bandarra. Not saying I wan't to become a fully fledged paraglider, but I would be interested in having a go at ridge souring. I think it would also increase my knowledge/experience of flying as paramotorists we are told to pick low winds etc. Any recommendations? Flying Ozone Spyder 3. I contacted Airways Airsports as they are the nearest to me to ask if they do some form of ridge souring conversion course for PPG but heard nothing back. Richard
  9. Add me on FB and I will let you know when we are going up. Chances are will be with @richjones too
  10. Hi ma001, Didn't we meet on the field at Clives? Come have a flight with us in Tamworth. Richard
  11. Hello fellow pilots. I am looking to potentially progress on to the next wing from my Spyder 28. I was wondering if anyone would be up for allowing me to test fly their Sirocco 2 (~26 ~28) or similar wings at the PMC event in three weeks? Im not 100% set on changing as I do love my wing, but how will I know better if I do not try other wings Happy to let you have a play on my Spyder. Look forward to seeing you there, I have been praying to the weather gods.
  12. My only concern based on what I have been told from people is that you are meant to sand off the paint layer and drill a hole at the ends of the crack. If you do not, you will find the crack will just continue to grow. Let us know how you get on. Looks to me like he hasn't even sanded the paint off to see how far the crack goes under the paint. In my case I found that on the surface it looked like one line crack, but we found that under the paint it was more like a tree branch on one end of the crack. As stated above, I am no expert, but simply welding a single line sounds too easy.
  13. There are two skins on the moster 185 exhaust, only on one side at the top of the neck. The crack does only penetrate the top layer.
  14. Was poorly The end two photos are repaired. This was me last night, engine has never felt so good
  15. Hi Tony, I have just had my exhaust repaired by one of our clients. After repairing, he also gave me a report into why he thinks so many of them are cracking. I was not aware of the 3-minute warm-up procedure, but I was naturally doing it as I would run my engine and then go set up my wing. My motor has roughly 30 - 35 hours. I am relaying his words as I remember them, I am no expert: The exhaust is made in two halves by pressing/forming "thin" sheets of carbon steel into a press. When steel is formed into a mould, you send up with parts of the steel that are stretched more than others. He said that the main cause of the crack is due to the type of metal used (there are better metals, but this increases cost) and that there are parts close to the exhaust of the engine that has been stretch so much that they are wafer thin. He said that what they could have done was to make the exhaust in more parts, reducing the amount of stretch up at the neck of the exhaust. Vortex Aero has made an aftermarket exhaust that implements this. https://www.vortexaero.com/product-page/vittorazi-moster-engine-exhaust In my case, I had a big crack like yours and one of the springs had ripped off. He has added a new plate over the top to strengthen the neck. Before and after shots attached. He charged me 3 hours of labour. Richard
  16. Once passed, you are welcome to come and fly with us. We have a small group down in Tamworth, 20mins from you.
  17. Thanks Andy. My experience was the opposite of this, but I can only speak of what I experienced at my time of training. July 18 On the other hand, there are people that have no patience or interest in learning, they just want the quick answers to getting in the air, and once they go flying on their own, all the etiquette, procedures and checks go out the window. I'm in no way affiliated to Brad other than he trained me and that I have been back up to fly with him on a few occasions by the way
  18. Welcome. I am a relatively new pilot. I agree with Simon, train who you feel comfortable with and fits your training style. Personally, I trained with Brad Quinn and his training style worked well with me. Being in that circle, I have met and flown with many people who trained with him also. With regards to what AndyB says, while with Brad I trained alongside another student who had come from another UK school who was told he was ready for his first flight, but he clearly couldn't kite. I think it happens both ways, not because there are bad trainers, but more because there has to be some connection/synergy between the tutor/student. Sorry AndyB Remember, this is a fun sport and training should be fun also!
  19. Quality isn't too great as they are clips from the Insta360, but they work.
  20. Nice to see you all at Bore Chasers, I have put together a small compilation of launches and landing from the event. Let me know if you are in it! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVkxFoPUl5U
  21. Lovely picture of me, Thank You!
  22. Hi Guys, Sorry to bump an old thread but just thought I would give a little update on my progression. I started training with Brad Quinn at the end of July and I can not fault the guy at all. Split up due to weather, in total I had around 5 days of lessons on the field and 2 days in the classroom; through summer, a typical day being 6am-10am, siesta, 7pm-11pm. Training was at each individuals pace and my training felt almost one to one. I was taught to Brad's own syllabus which everything was focussed around safety first which he also tests you on multiple times. I bought my maverick and spyder through Brad which also saved me over a grand. Thanks, Richard
  23. I am not too sure on the name Hann, but it was a swaying pendulum effect.
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