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  1. Any reviews yet? I heard something about a lot of vibration for the non-clutched version except at high RPMs. How is the vibration like on the clutched version?
  2. Simon, any feedback from the testers? Cheers!
  3. Soooo, any first impressions about this engine? Have a great day!
  4. Thanks Simon! We will fit it to Tors machine and see how it goes ?
  5. Thanks for your reply! Any comparison to the ozone speedster 2 or Windtech KINETIK Full Reflex FX ?
  6. Thanks for all the positive response guys. Simon, the bore chasers flying looks really nice. Do you guys have any other events planned for the fall of 2018?
  7. My first trip to the guys at AviatorPPG and Wings over winter in Florida. Then a trip to Costa Rica and some flying with Claude and SYNERGYparamotors.com
  8. Any more input on the paramania revo 3?
  9. Hi Dan. Please contact www.parafly.se and i am sure they can help you out. Best, Olle
  10. ollegartell


  11. Rikards andra landning: http://youtu.be/SXmty7wykHc [youtubevideo] [/youtubevideo]
  12. Två flyg till för Rikard, grattis! Tor, Michael, Kent och Johannes dök upp på fältet och vi hade en trevlig flygkväll. Over and Out, Olle Gartell
  13. Tor, Micke och Kent dyker också upp ikväll, kommer bli en toppenkväll! Over and Out, Olle Gartell
  14. I fredags kväll så genomförde Rikard sitt första soloflyg. GRATTIS! Allt gick fint och ikväll så ska vi försöka få in några flyg till om vädret tillåter. Over and Out, Olle Gartell
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