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BHPA Skywings magazine

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Hi all!

I really don't want to ignite a flame war, but I'm interested in your opinion about something I just noticed.

I've received today the latest Skywings magazine. Out of 47 pages, there is (if I did not miss anything) half a page, including 2 small photos dedicted to ppg (in fact about an event both for pg and pgg: parafest - yes, which took place in June!).

Do you think this... surprising? Interesting? ? ?

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Stevie may have a point Fix. Perhaps we should present some material to the BHPA mag with regard to last weekend when we converged on Spencers house and drank his coffee and scoffed his doughnuts. It was a very good day afterall ???? I do have to agree . For the proportion of motor flyers to free flyers we do seem to pay for more than we are getting. And I bust a free flyers cherry when I got home from meeting with you Fix......! And he liked it ...! With a motor that is Dave

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Sky wings is 'really' a fee flying Mag... Yes there needs to be more PPG content but it takes pilots to submit the content... If you want a dedicated PPG mag there is always Paramotormag. :wink:

I know the BHPA are always crying our for short stories articles etc..


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