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Winter Months

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I know it sounds weird, but I'm putting my motor away now until early next year. So what is the best procedure for storing a motor in a dry ish garage?

I've planned to empty the fuel, take off spark plug and put a couple of drops in and turn it over a couple of times.

Lastly un-plugged the battery. The wing and electrical stuff will be put in a bedroom.

Anything else??


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I was always told for long term 2 stoke storage to use engine oil (rather than 2 stroke) for the few drops in the top. (2 stroke will sticky the rings up if left over time. :-)


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I absolutely agreed, the month of November is one of the best months, but unfortunately I've been hit with the dreaded 'C'.

I got the results the day before the last fly-in - with a 10cm growth. Thats why there was a no-show from me for the first time.

Some good news was I went for a whole body CT scan last week and the cancer was only found in the right kidney, so I'm booked in on the 22th Oct to have it removed. And I'll be a few half a pound lighter.

So, for the first time I need to put the motor away.

Last Saturday was my last day of flying this year, so I filled a 20 litre Jerry can up and my aim was to stay on the field until it was empty. I returned on my last flight with a drop of fuel just before sunset. Followed by a curry, few beers and watched England lose the rugby - well everything can't be great.

Again, the month of November is one of the best so anybody wanting to fly down here and I am able - you're more than welcome.


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