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Calling all Bore Chasers '2015' for best pics.


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Dear all who attended,

I have seen so many awesome pictures from the recent fly-in we had at the Severn, that I would like to ask you to post your favourite 5 pictures here for a small photo comp. :-) :-)

I will ask the locals from the bore area as a collective to select a winner from those posted here. The rules are simple...

1. If you have used photoshop or any other editing software before posting you must declare this fact.

2. post your 5 (or less) favourites.

3. Copy a link to this thread 'your images' to your Facebook profile.

4. Watermarks are all good as long as they don't spoil the image.

5. Content must reflect the awesome weekend 'vibe' It's not about the number of pixels or expensive lenses, its about capturing the 'vibe' so phone pics are cool :-)

Entries will close when either 30+ people have entered images or on the 01st of November.

Prize: To be decided. :-)

Please start entering as soon as you wish.

Thanks to all of you for coming. I loved every second of it!


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Morning guys,

With a whopping two entries I am just not sure where to start. :lol::lol:

I was hoping for a few more than two people to enter to be honest :-( I think you will have to be joint winners on this occasion and hope that we get a little more interest for the next one.

The only thing I can think, is that I will let people know (before) the event that there will be a mini pic comp afterwards.. hopefully that will help to attract entrants. :-) :-)

Happy to send you both a PMC mug since you put the effort into posting. :-) :-)

PM your address Mr G6. :-) :-)


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