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  1. Flyalot33


    Hello mate I'm sure this is very possible , will call you Monday mate , just at Heathrow at mo ))) Www.cmparamotors.com
  2. Great news , we hope to be there .... Www.cmparamotors.com
  3. Antony Washington does tandems with his pap125 so I'm sure it will fly you .. Also there is another guy Geoff that flys close to you . He did have pap 125 too . He is about 96 kg Feel free to call us if you need anymore info Clive Www.cmparamotors.com
  4. Do we have a date for 2016 ? Www.cmparamotors.com
  5. Micro Alti are fab . Light Easy to use We have them instock Your welcome to try one out if you like http://Www.cmparamotors.com
  6. What a super idea well done JBW ) Champ Www.cmparamotors.com
  7. Did we get a winner ? Www.cmparamotors.com
  8. I have two ozone roadster2 26 and 28 both in SP colours . Both low hours 26 has done 13 hrs 28 has done only 3 hrs 07729783989 Www.cmparamotors.com
  9. Any chance I could get a photo from the side view please ? Thanks Clive Www.cmparamotors.com
  10. Hi Dave Having a side reserve is no problem at all on the bulldog frame .,if you need a hand with it I'm sure your local Bulldog dealer will help you ... Or feel free to call us here . Clive M Clive @ CMP
  11. Here are my 5 photos It's hard to pick as there is so many ... So I've picked All firsts photos ImageUploadedByPMC Forum1443605722.465184.jpg[/attachment] 2nd After 17 years of wanting to fly Tim gets up over the bore
  12. Hi Fraser I'm also happy to help you if needed . Cmparamotors.com 07729783989
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