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  1. Flyalot33


    Hello mate I'm sure this is very possible , will call you Monday mate , just at Heathrow at mo ))) Www.cmparamotors.com
  2. Flyalot33

    Paramotor Club 2016 SUMMER fly-in party.

    Great news , we hope to be there .... Www.cmparamotors.com
  3. Flyalot33

    Fat boy wants to fly a pa 125??

    Antony Washington does tandems with his pap125 so I'm sure it will fly you .. Also there is another guy Geoff that flys close to you . He did have pap 125 too . He is about 96 kg Feel free to call us if you need anymore info Clive Www.cmparamotors.com
  4. Do we have a date for 2016 ? Www.cmparamotors.com
  5. Micro Alti are fab . Light Easy to use We have them instock Your welcome to try one out if you like http://Www.cmparamotors.com
  6. What a super idea well done JBW ) Champ Www.cmparamotors.com
  7. ))) hello JBW Www.cmparamotors.com
  8. Did we get a winner ? Www.cmparamotors.com
  9. Flyalot33

    Ozone Roadster2

    I have two ozone roadster2 26 and 28 both in SP colours . Both low hours 26 has done 13 hrs 28 has done only 3 hrs 07729783989 Www.cmparamotors.com
  10. Flyalot33

    bulldog moster reserve mounting

    Any chance I could get a photo from the side view please ? Thanks Clive Www.cmparamotors.com
  11. Flyalot33

    bulldog moster reserve mounting

    Hi Dave Having a side reserve is no problem at all on the bulldog frame .,if you need a hand with it I'm sure your local Bulldog dealer will help you ... Or feel free to call us here . Clive M Clive @ CMP
  12. Here are my 5 photos It's hard to pick as there is so many ... So I've picked All firsts photos ImageUploadedByPMC Forum1443605722.465184.jpg[/attachment] 2nd After 17 years of wanting to fly Tim gets up over the bore
  13. Flyalot33

    Membership and insurance

    Hi Fraser I'm also happy to help you if needed . Cmparamotors.com 07729783989