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SPOT is the name, safety is the game. A satellite messenger and tracking system for chronic XC pilots. You can 911, send an OK message home (or wherever), or send for help (non life threatening). It also has a 24 hour tracking feature to monitor your GPS track to anyone (you give permission to) with an internet connection who wants to monitor your progress. I am stoked, mine is on the way. If anyone can provide feedback on this funky new tool (not a toy I tell the wife), please do. Price says $169.99 and subscription rights another hunert bucks plus anuther $57.99 STILL at total $328.00 (Canadian dollars that is) it is lass than HALF of some others. How does it compare to Microfix or other PLB’s or ELT’s I yust don’t know.

http://www.findmespot.com check it out please.


Marko D

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I bought one and am absolutely chuffed to bits with it, I don't just use it for paragliding / motoring but I do a lot of fell walking and mountaineering and use it there as well, it's small, lightweight, extremely easy to use and very user friendly, great for tracking where you've been using the track log system in conjunction with Google Earth and it really does work, I've not used the 911 function yet, hopefully will never have to but have used the help function once and everyone on my contact list was contacted, there is a yearly subscription but it doesn't cost the earth and it gives both me and my wife peace of mind, you can even send a test call everytime you switch it on to make sure it's working correctly.

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We are using them for the Tip to Tip (they are giving them to us for the event)

They have also offered a great deal to all Paramotor Club members.

Slim is the guy behind this deal / arrangement.

I love the fact the battery lasts a year!!!

the 911 can be programmed to bulk e-mail a list of people.

and the Help button will have a sea king over your head in a matter of mins.

Great kit,

ALSO responsable for the online LIVE tracking each pilot will have!!



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I was hoping to go public with this one when we have all the details nailed down but here it is in essence.....

Any units purchased through Tip to Tip and signed up to the full reporting package will have the purchase price donated to Tip to Tip. I don't have the final pricing in pounds yet. I'll get an answer very early this week and we'll have a way to order on the Tip to Tip web site very soon (won't we Simon).

If you can't wait then get in touch with me directly and we'll get it organised. I've been messing about with them for a few weeks now and they are the most awesome piece of safety kit I've seen in a long time.


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