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Photo Competition finalists.


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Thank's very much to all of you for taking part in our first Paramotor Club Photo Competition. :-)

Below (as separate posts) I have posted the (4) that we came up with. :-) WELL DONE for the awesome pics!

Gordon Dunn

Stuart Sutherland

Tom McBride

Dave Goode

Now it is down to the world wide interweb to decide on the final winners. :-)

A reminder: There are 3 prizes, 1st prize will be given to the person with the most likes on there picture and so on (must be clicked on this forum) 4th prize will be a T-shirt (we just could not narrow it down to 3)

So, if YOU like one in particular, please do hit the 'like' button under your favourite one :-)

If one of the pictures is yours, get sharing and asking your mates to help! :-)

The total likes will be counted at 21:00 hrs on Saturday 09th May 15. (you have a 3 days)


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I am not sure why people are not sharing and or liking the pictures but clearly without this there is no competition with no votes. :-(

Pretty please take a look and like the one you like :-)

This will get very boring very quickly if I have to just keep extending the date :?

To the finalists, the idea is that you should be at least 'trying' to win this by sharing the link and asking friends to like your pic. :-)

My plan was to re-run this competition and start raising the bar a bit. Based on the response so far to this one, thats not looking likely.

I am interested to know (PM please as not to mess this thread up) if your not voting for some reason? But more interested in you clicking a like for one of the pics. :arrow:


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1st place is Gordon Dunn with 13 votes :-)

2nd place with 5 votes is Stuart Sutherland

3rd and 4th place are tied with 2 votes Tom Mcbride and Dave Goode. (3rd place prise will be shared and both give a free T-shirt :-) )

Please call me ref your prizes for delivery addresses / payment information. :-)

Thanks for taking part! :-)


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