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What a day!


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What an awesome day today!

Silky air,

Togsie, First flight. ( don't tell anyone the secret or it won't work any more :wink: )

Slim, 2nd and 3rd flight...

Dan The Man, 6th flight.

Colin helping and flying after a long stint at work.

Some great calls, Great company, great weather again, great result with flights as well.

This is what PPG is all about for me. :D:D


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A great day indeed and thanks for the kind words. The wife is sewing my wings onto my pyjamas this very moment.

It's been said plenty of times before but there is always a great atmosphere over at Lambourn, I love the friendly banter that goes on, it certainly helped to calm the nerves of a newbie like me waiting to make his first flight.

Isn't there some sort of tradition whereby you all take me down the pub and buy me beers all night now that I've made my first flight?



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