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Stupid me, nearly dead

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Wow! Timely reminder that you don't have to land in the water to be wary of it. My lesson from your video is that I'm going to fix my hook knife somewhere more accessible. Did you unclip to get out or cut yourself free? Would an agama have made any difference or was the water too shallow for that? Thanks for posting it & glad you're ok.

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nothing broken even propeller.

I did not cut anything.

After my feets touch ground, it's very fast just 4-5 seconds before sank into water.

I was tried to find the belt to unlock at by breast. 2-3 times, I can't find it.

I think, if I can not find it now, I will die for sure.

then a few second release it.

For both legs, I can release every quickly, this lock is easy to release https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/imag ... 15LoeXZUmu

Lucky me, no cable and wing is not over me, I think I spent about 1 minute under water and I told myself I must not die here.

After this, I think I now how people died under water feel. Very scary.

It deep about 1.2 meters and my frame hit ground very quickly.

I will fly away from water and will not do anything dangerous again.

Hope this helpful. (Sorry for my English : :oops: )

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