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torque monster


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Hello from sunny Australia..

Guys my motor which I have had for the last 3 years (thor 100 / PXP frame) on take off the the unit torque's massively..

I will let the pic tell the story..


Take note of the fuel in the tank.

OK so its being like this from day one, never had any issue's with it..

I know most motors have some torque effect on take off, just mine seems to be excessive.

Any suggestions on ways of dealing with the torque effect.


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My aftermarket harness has straps that are only about half way down the sides so I added another strap just on the one side.

It is looped around the bottom rear adjustment strap on the harness and the motor frame and works very well.

Cheers, Alan

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Pete / Alan thanks for the response.

Pete think you could be right, the bottom strap is attached to the lower part of the frame, It can move around (not sure it should)

Now where I think it needs adjusting is the side straps (see pic) as you will see they are not tight! should they be?

I have taken the harness off the top bar to show you the straps.



Is there anyone else out there with a Sup Air Harness, would be good to know how they have theres set up.

Would I be right in saying the harness should not be able to move / slide when its attached to the frame?

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