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Moving from Skydiving to Paramotoring

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My only experience under wing is a couple of dozen jumps i did at my local skydive centre a couple of years ago.

Has anyone else come from Skydiving to Paramotoring?

Are there any bad habits that i will need to retrain myself on especially the landing? When skydiving you are taught land by deep stalling the wing pulling the brakes fully down just before landing.


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It's a totally different ball game.

We have taught SAS H.A.L.O troopers and officers how to fly a paramotor. They identified the need for training themselves.


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Hang on! My question was so I know what bad habits I might have when I start my training in April. I am booked on a BHPA course in Spain.

I would no sooner try and paramotor without instruction as jump out of a plane!!

My question still stands especially regarding landings.



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Ahhhh, sorry dude, my bad.

I would let your instructor sort you out but the main thing that we have found is the 'depth' of the 'brakes' Ex skydivers tend to be naturally very heavy on the brakes. This is a bad thing in most cases with our wings. :-)

You should be able to feel the flare so don't worry too much about the landing.

Just let the wing fly, and don't give it massive deep inputs and all will be groovy.

Fingers crossed that you get good weather for your training :-)


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(to be fair, there is no mention that you are getting training though)

I thought I was going madder then! LOL


No problem! I did not mention training as I assumed that was a given. I cannot imagine what would posses someone to "have a go" with no training, I guess Darwin sorts them out but damages the spor in the process.

I am worried my reflexes will kick in and I will deep flare 5ft from the ground and regret it!

The whole reason I want to learn to paramotor is I always enjoyed the canopy handling far more than jumping out of the plane (I only got to 10 seconds free fall before giving it up.


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There are Crazy people who buy of ebay and think they can fly..

I am sure coming from sky diving to PPG you will find the landing very easy. Much slower..

Different i know But... i regularly swap from a 41m tandem wing down to a 16m slalom wing... Your body reacts according to your situation

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I'm an ex Skydiver who is now Paramotoring.

I obviously agree with the previous comments regarding training etc....

The fundamental difference is one is a wing and the other is a basically a parachute!

In 10 years of skydiving I never heard the word thermal, as long as the wind was below 20knots all was good at any time of the day.

I have personally found my past experience helpful in as much as they both basically work with the same principles... once your flying!

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Hi Steve,

I am an ex skydiver (still got my ram air in the loft)

Been paramotoring 6 years.

What useful experiences transfer....

You have an understanding of the air & are comfortable suspended from a harness in it.

You understand the importance of your "checks" before you fly.

You know how to steer.

You get the principle of flaring on landing.

Thats about it, everything else is different.

Biggest challenge I had was getting used to using the brakes much more gently. Inputs like you would on a ram air early in your paramotoring career will end up hurting you & your wallet. I did a few paraglider flights from a winch which really got me used to the inputs before doing my paramotor training.

Defo get training. Doesn't matter how good a sky god you were, the coordination of man, machine & wing on take off is initially a challenge for everyone.

You will love it :D

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