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Training abroad.


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Try Paul Mahony in Provence. I did a few days training with him and he's very thorough. His courses are BHPA courses and you can use his equipment. http://www.mahonyaviation.com/

That is assuming that you want a course in English, leading to a British qualification. If you have no interest in the paperwork and speak French I could dig you up a list of French schools. Let me know.

Good luck,


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Hi Ganers,

If you're gonna do the course in one hit, make sure you're cardio vascular / stamina fitness is up to par. I know a few pilots (myself included) that trained for 5/6 days on the trott and really struggled in the first few days with their fitness levels.

Once you get airborne it's not so bad but ground handling and running about with a 30kg pack on your back really takes it out of you!

Good luck buddy.


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My aim was to combine a break away with flying and hopefully the recognised qualifications. I have already done my initial training and can happily fly locally but with work, weather and injuries picked up along the way I've had quite a lay off. Thanks for the pointers.

Cheers Lee.

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I trained with Backbone, at Tallard in France. Thierry is a very nice guy & it was very professional. They use empty chassis for the practical ground instruction so you don't get exhausted by the weight of the engine. Tallard is basically a playground for air sports!

Backbone will certify your training & however many hours you manage to do, which will count towards your BHPA qualifications, but you wont be able to come home with a full French license from any school in France unless you sit the French DGAC exam. I did the training & built up my hours in France, then sat the BHPA exam back here because my French isn't fantastic.

Be prepared for early mornings & long days. It's very tiring if you want to maximise your hours over there, but worth it! :)


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