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Tickover without prop?

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I couldn't get my motor to start the other day. I traced the problem to the plug, replaced it and it fired up straight away. However, as I was testing it in the shed I had taken the prop off. It ran fine and revved up fine but wouldn't idle, even once it had warmed up. I haven't changed anything other than the plug and taking the prop off. I wondered if perhaps the prop's flywheel effect would help the engine tick over. Would you expect your motor to idle without the prop on?

As soon as I get a chance I'll fire it up outside with the prop, which should answer my question, but in the meantime I am intrigued to find out your views.

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Totally agree with Stu. Same Thor 200. Run it at idle (1200rpm max) without the prop on to get some warmth into it and bubbles out of the system. Much safer :wink:

There is a chance you could do some damage if you revved the nutz off it, but summat would have had to have fallen off for it to do that, then i'd be double glad I haven't got the prop on it! 8)

Some engines (Flymec for example) need to be idled for at least 10mins to get their water cooling circulating... (they don't have a pump)

I'd love to know how you would invalidate a warranty?? Unless someone grassed you up of course! :mrgreen:

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I just got home, so I took the motor out in the garden, fitted the prop, and it fired up and ran beautifully. Hooray! Lesson learned though.

Now I just have to try and figure out why my tiny tach (I think that's what it's called) rev counter isn't working. :roll: (edit - turned out to be a broken wire. Nice easy fix, I love those!)

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