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Buying a replacement prop

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Right then, I've decided to repair my prop, but also to buy a replacement so that I have a spare just in case I decided to put my face in the mud again :shock:

So I need a bit of advice. My motor is a Rad Arrow with a 120cm prop. I have heard good things about these people: http://dtpropellers.com/ but I'm not sure about a few of the details that I need to provide.

Pulley ratio - I can't seem to find this information anywhere, including the owner's manual. Any ideas?

'Drilling' - I guess this is 4 x M6 50 - is this the information they need?

Turn direction - This may be a silly question, but of course I want to be sure I get it right. Is this the turn direction when viewed from 'in front' of the prop, i.e. standing where the prop would be blowing in your face if it was spinning?

Also, if anybody has any direct experience of replacement props, I'd welcome any recommendations.


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Lots of people seem to like Born propellers, so perhaps I should go with them. On their website I can select 'Radne Raket' and then choose a 120cm prop. They just want to know the configuration of the bolts (which again I guess is 4xM6x50), and the turn direction (refer to my question above!).

Does anybody know if there's any advantage in paying extra for 'Evo power' or 'Silent scimitar' props over the 'Classic design'?

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Hi Tom,

I have bought a prop from them without problem.

For the pulley ration you can always measure the diameters of your two pulleys on the machine, then divide one by the other and there is your ratio.

The drilling is as you guessed, for the centre hub holes.

The turn direction is usually quoted reference to the pilot being in the harness, this equates to the same as if you were behind with it blowing in your face.

Cheers, Alan

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I love the look of wooden props. Where is that company based, I couldn't see it on their website.

What is the reality of a wooden prop? For someone like me who just pootles about at 1000ft quite happily taking in the view. Are they as good as carbon? Is there all that much weight difference and if so, about how much ?

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