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Hot Air Balloon lands at Stuttgart Airport


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A couple of my colleagues were at Stuttgart airport yesterday, when they saw and filmed a hot air balloon drift gently into the airport, while aircraft continued to operate. The balloon landed in the middle of the airport, between runways. The number of security vehicles which turned out suggested this was not a planned event.

I'll try to get hold of some pictures / video later.

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Eep! I'm guessing he probably needed a change of underwear there!

Of course, he should have set down short (say about 2.5NM short of the centre point of the longest runway) but even if he did drift in to the ATZ accidentally, he should certainly not have overflown the runways. Can only think he had some kind of problem that stopped him landing safely?

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The fact that they were still allowing movements probably means it was planned or at least that the pilot had two way comms with the tower and was able to follow instructions. If there were no comms or if the balloon was in trouble in some way, they'd almost certainly have stopped other movements.

The safest place to be at a big airport is close to but alongside the runway in use! I used to fly a Cub into a friends field that was alongside the runway at Gatwick, literally the other side of the fence. Because the runway was east-west and I would come in from the north there was no issue and they would keep flying with me heading right for the runway and turning finals parallel with it at the last moment to land in the field.

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True, as long as you are clear of the wing vortex areas at the touchdown and rotate points.

Of course, it's a little different being in a light aircraft, where you have (more or less) full control in all three axes compared to a balloon where you have much less control, especially on direction.

The lack of any real reporting suggests that it was planned, and I'm sure they took all precautions and it was perfectly safe. Still can't say I fancy it myself!

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