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Wing colours!


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I keep asking myself, why most of the well known wing manufacturers (Dudek, Ozone, Paramania, to name a few), do not make wings with colours at the bottom of the wing, like ITV, Adventure, MACPARA, Niviuk and a few other companies do. As we see the sky from the ground (blue on a nice day or white/grey on a cloudy/dull day), seeing a wing, becomes a difficult task. With it, safety, considering that other crafts are also sharing the same vast space we use, I personally, would feel a lot more comfortable to be flying a craft that is bright in colours and vivid enough so that pilots of much faster machines (like planes, microlights, helicopters or even ......................UFOs), could see us from a safer distance, as well as giving the chances for us to recognize our friends, from a distance, when there are a good number of wings in the air. I am sure, people on the ground (fliers or not), would have an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful graphic designs of our beloved crafts too. If anyone here (mainly dealers), can put that question to the manufacturers that produce wings with a white bottom, I would appreciate. Ideally, I would like to have a wing which at the top, contrasts very well with the ground (green fields mostly) and at the bottom contrasting with the sky above us.

As for the wing manufacturers, they would get more exposure to their products and their brand, making it more attractive to their customers eyes.



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