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High density altitude operations


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Hi all,

I'm an avid paraglider pilot, and getting into paramotoring. I've got a great instructor lined up, Chris Santocroce, who also taught me paragliding. He sells parajet equipment which is available with just about any motor.

Soooo, I really am leaning towards the Zenith. I realize this is probably a better second motor than a first, but I know I'll prefer the "paraglider" feel to that of the volution. The ease of disassembly and packing are also appealing and useful to me.

I know this is beating a dead horse, but I need some advice choosing an engine. I'm at 5500' MSL, and density altitude here frequently approach 8,000'. I weigh 185 lbs. My wing is a new Vantage 27.

I'm very much attracted to the Bailey V5, I only worry that it won't be powerful enough for my altitude. I've pretty much been talked out of the Thor 200 after researching several forums and the associated issues. I suppose the Thor 130 would be an option.

Any advice for me in choosing an engine ? I hear rumors that a new engine might be coming to market soon.....

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Hi airassault

I have just up graded to a Zenith Moster and can only say how impressed I am with the whole set up, the zenith is light and very well made, lots of attention to detail and when assembled its very strong. I went for the Moster engine as I think it's about the best on the market at the moment, light powerful and simple, it's never missed a beat in over 30 ours that I've used mine, I looked at the others available and at the time nothing compared, the bigger Thor 200 is / was beset with problems and is a fair bit heavier & I felt that the Baily wasn't really powerful enough for me, on full reflex and take off I don't like revving the nuts off and like a little in reserve, however I haven't used one so not really a fair opinion.

I have heard rumours that there is a new Moster coming soon but I can't find any details as to exact specifics & there is rumours of a new 2 stroke offering from another manufacturer.

Another nice thing about the zenith is that it's pretty easy to change the motor if you fancy a change in the future?

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I am fairly sure that all of the engines will be fine at that alt but clearly the more power the better :-)

I would go for the Moster or the Minari if I lived on a mountain. :-)

Welcome to the Paramotor Club !!


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Ultra 130 with ABM

If your a paraglider pilot you will want the weight shift of the ABM.

Also the light weight is so important for me

The Ultra is one of the most powerful motors HP/weight (and my next motor lol)

I have the miniplane now with the 130 prop I'm 80k but fly light. I would not suggest this for you.

Actually I do not want to suggest anything...... but have a look at them.... IMO there is no other

there is a thread on them at the moment


Also check foot flyer.com there is a good review there.


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Thanks Mark, that must be the one I've been hearing about...

I spent the last few days training with Chris in Utah. Had a blast and got my first 4 motor flights in. I really liked his Volution 2. Not as flashy or new as the Zenith, but I was impressed enough with the design and build quality to order my own, fitted with the Thor 130. There's not a lot of info on the net about owner experience with the 130, but I've heard from several very respected sources that it's been a great engine and everyone is loving them.....hope it works out.

Maybe in a year or 2 if I'm flying a lot and feel the need, I'll get the next newest thing....By then the Hornet will have some real world experience.

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Just to follow up - I've been flying my volution ii with the thor 130 and gin vantage 27 for about 5 hours now.

I couldn't be happier with the whole setup. The Thor has plenty of power to haul my fat 190 pounds up in nill wind. I'm also surprised at how little throttle is required for straight and level flight. I suspect this has more to do with the wing than the motor....

Smooth, quite, and powerful. Super easy to start in flight. Having a blast.

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Great to see that you are a happy pilot. :-)

The V2 Macro, although not the latest kit, is still an awesome all round machine. I have just ordered the Minari in the Parajet Macro frame for my personal machine.


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