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Flight Suits. Are They Worth It ?


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I've been looking at the SupAir suit. Looks a nice bit of kit.

Are flight suits really worth the £160 or so?

If so, what are the best to go for and why?

I like the idea of having clothing on with a suit over the top stopping anything falling out of my pockets or coming undone and heading for the prop, preferably with some thermal qualities as well..

Any advice gratefully received...

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I rode motorbikes form the age of 14 on dartmoor I was 19 when I got my first set of leathers.

I purchased a flight suit in year 1 of flying a paramotor :-);-)

I learned a valuable lesson when riding on the moors in jeans. ( your knees CAN actually freeze ) lol


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I've had the Sup-air classic for 5-6 years now... great piece of kit. Only time I go without it is when it's shorts and T shirt weather- which is not that common here.

Very good for keeping warm, and dry if you do get caught out in rain. The leg stirrups are essential for keeping the legs warm too. The suit is thin, and not that cumbersome- so good for summer flying too.

In winter I tend to wear thermals underneath- many thin layers are better than 1 thick layer.

Flying suits also make it easier to slide into the seat during takeoff....



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