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Polini piston- How do I put it back?


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I hold my hands up. I have no mechanical knowledge or ability and am attempting to do the gasket mod on my Thor 200. Before I throw it away can anyone advise me how to get the piston back into the cylinder? Seems to be stuck on the piston rings.

....and yes I am an idiot for buying a Volution Thor.

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Is it wedged? If not then pull the clylinder back up very carefully. You should be able to compress the rings carefully with your fingers and slide the cylinder down over the piston and rings..

If it keeps getting stuck then some neat 2-stroke oil on the rings and bore will help let it slide

When you tighten the cylinder head bolts up you must torque them to the new nM settings in the latest manual Its available on the Polini site as the Polini 130 / 200 manual.

If you havent got a mini torque wrench the beg/borrow/steal one ;)

If you can, get the motor pressure tested for leaks. If you have used the 'official' metal base gasket it can be a weak area for air leaks and this could cause a lean run and a holed piston.




Or send it back to Parajet!!

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