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head scratcher!

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Fuel starvation

Cos you've messed with the metering lever :-)

Would you like to borrow a pop off gauge while your at it?

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thanks alot for the offer

that would be great

just have to work out when i could get over

could you PM me a contact number?

thanks steve

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First check the fuel filter inside the carb- i bet it's clogged. When it's clogged it interferes with the fuel flow/ metering system. Also check the pipe that oscillates the membrane - it maybe blocked.

Thanks for the ideas gorden , but the filter is new and very clean ! and the impuse tube new as well !

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Also check the torque on your cylinder head bolts, they can come loose and you end up with an air leak at the bottom of the cylinder.

Yes good point and have redone both gaskets and retorqued after every flight ..the amount of attention this motor is receiving at the moment ! girlfriends complaining a bit!! :roll:

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